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At HashtagNYU, it’s about more than just sitting at a desk. It’s about that buzz of excitement when getting to the office. It’s about leaving meetings with tears from laughter. It’s about staying late when something needs to get done, without complaints. It’s about grabbing lunch with each other on a whim.

And we want to be intentional about what it’s all about.

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Planning Your Social Media Strategy


A lot of people jump on social media without much foresight. It’s understandable — you don’t want to be the last one to jump on the bandwagon. But having social media accounts for the sake of having them doesn’t make a lot of sense. To achieve your goals and provide value to your followers, it’s important to have a game plan.

This semester, we conducted social media trainings for students who represent any NYU social media account — from their club or organization, to an office or department. Upon completing the session, they received a social media strategy worksheet to help them create a thought-out plan, whether they were hoping to start a new account or looking for ways to improve their current game plan.

In that same vein, we thought we’d share ours:

1. What does your office do? What are your goals?

The Office of Interactive Media is here to delight students by fostering community and pride about the University. More specifically, you can learn more about our office goals here and our culture here.

While we achieve our goals through different projects — HashtagNYU, THIS IS NYU, Real Talk, etc. — HashtagNYU is, by an large, our biggest and most extensive one. Simply put, HashtagNYU’s goal is to share the NYU story across the web.

2. How will social media help achieve your goals, if at all?

HashtagNYU meets students where they are — in their space and on their terms — and creates opportunities for students to find, share, and engage with delightful content about NYU, our incredible student body, and our inspiring alumni. In order to achieve this, HashtagNYU must be present and engaged in conversations happening across social media platforms.

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